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Some of the best apps in Turkey, with more than 1.500.000 Monthly Active Users and millions of downloads.
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Vodafone Önce Kadın
Kahve Dünyası
Groupama Healpy
Fanatik Canlı Skor
Turkcell Merhaba Umut
Garanti Unlock Turkey

What We Do

These are the services we can offer you.


You want your app to succeed, and so do we. Our extensive experience, gained from delivering apps for startups and enterprises alike, can significantly reduce your risks in an ever-changing environment. We can examine your needs, provide valuable insights, share wealth of experiences and help you create a solid, long-term business plan.

Mobile UX & UI Design

The interface between people and technology determines your user's emotions and behaviours. Your apps need to be stunning and intuitive at the same time. We create wireframes and working prototypes, which are then translated into clean, pixel-perfect interfaces,

Native App Development

We always develop our apps natively to be able to create the best apps that have the highest performance, fast and fluid UI animations and incorporate state-of-the-art technologies. User expectations and best practices also vary widely among different platforms. By optimising our apps separately for each platform, we are able to maximise your users experience, no matter what device they use.

Testing & Launch

Pre-planned in-house and public beta testing phases ensure that apps launch without any problems and meet all your expectations. Our experience in App Store & Play Store best practices and review processes will help you in having a seamless launch.

Analytics & Reporting

We measure the technical and goal-driven performance of our apps using industry standard frameworks. The data we gather and share with you are used in many optimisations such as improving funnels, identifying performance bottlenecks, reporting advertising effectiveness or conducting A/B tests. We deliver monthly reports, where you can clearly see your apps KPI’s and standing among its competitors.

Maintenance & Support

Successful apps need to be updated on a regular basis. Keeping a top quality, in-house mobile team for maintenance and updates can be infeasible and unnecessary for many businesses. We can keep your app up-to-date, deliver regular bug fixes and prepare your app for upcoming devices and operating systems, even if your app was launched by a third party.

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